Sometimes I accomplish the most when I work the least. Pg



Accountability literally means, “stand up and be counted”.

Michael Gerber



Admiration will get you crucified surer than hate. Pg



I was at a Cub Scout picnic with Joey Lombardo in Tampa. I was smoking a cigar when a 40ish male approached me. He told me to put my cigar out so the kids could eat. I promptly dashed it out. I couldn’t help but think that we were outside.

I was on a shuttle in the Tampa airport. An excited man was swearing when travelers were holding him up by not waiting for the next shuttle. He was obviously at risk of missing his flight. One of the other passengers on the shuttle said “hey pal watch your mouth there’s kids on here”. The man apologized.


Adventure Capital and Venture capital

Venture Capital enters at the oasis. Adventure Capital got you to the oasis.

Pat g

My reflections on this.

We feed our kids Mc Donald’s and all sorts of garbage. We permit them to watch violent TV shows and see our questionable conduct at home.

Then we tell someone to curb their tongue in front of kids, or to stop smoking outside so that they can eat and then feed them hot dogs, Twinkies and Pepsi. pg


Archimedean point

Named for Greek scientist who said ‘give me a firm point on which to stand and I can move the world’.



You can never win an argument. Even if you win you’ve created hard feelings. Pg



When a tiny stone is thrown, the whole universe quivers. pg



If you hide from warmth you get burnt.  pg



It seems that everyone in the whole world has an agenda and it’s not mine. pg



The greatest ammunition in a war is the courage of its warriors. pg reflection on Napoleonic wars.



Anger can squelch the fire of love. pg

I won’t anger  for what you tell me but I might anger if you think I believe you.

Jack Hillock



Power is the greatest aphrodisiac. Henry Kissinger



To succeed in the arts a person must have the devil in them. Voltaire 1750



Atheism can be the result of studying some philosophy. But the dissecting and rejoining of all of the parts brings us to deity and religion. Francis Bacon

A Russian astronaut told his friend a brain surgeon that in all of his trips into space that he had never seen an angel or anyone out there. The brain surgeon replied that in all of his operations he had never seen a thought either.

An Atheist’s conviction can often be understood as testimony of a supreme being. Pg

An atheist activist is no more tolerant than a religious extremist, he’s just turned inside out.



Atrocities are acts committed by the losing side in a war. pg

Best Friend

You know you’ve found a best friend when he walks into the room finding you picking your nose, and instead of nervously lowering your finger to wipe it on the inside of your pants pocket you dig deeper.



Romans 6 :23 The wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life through Christ. The reason that we believe in the bible is that it was prophesied in the old testament and then became true. Also, it was written by many men over the course of time in different places and the message was always the same.



Remember that we deserve very little credit for being what we are. This is the same for bigots and closed minded people and it is for this reason that we should pity and sympathize with them. pg


Bird in the hand

A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush and two bushes are better than 1 any day. pg



I find few things absurd as the idea that we should celebrate the day that I was born.



Blow job

We live in an age that makes it easier to get a blow job than a kiss. Money buys sex but not affection. It’s OK with me. I know which one I like better. pg



Never let me hear that brave blood has been shed in vain. Sir Walter Scott



Hatred can only lead to more hate. Only love can defeat hate. Buddha


Bumper Stickers

I got a mountain bike for my wife. It was a good trade.

Sandy Hayhurs


Bumper Stickers

If the terrorists real want to destroy America, they’ll begin a campaign to keep Bush in office.



A business should be run like an aquarium. Everybody should see what’s going on. Warren Buffet.



Brutus did not love Caesar less, but Rome more. Marcus Aurelius


When one is being chased by a bull, tranquility is never more elusive or more important.



When the corporations run the government the system is not capitalistic and certainly not Democratic. It is Fascism as described by Mussolini’s idea of an efficient state.

As dictators and the former heads of the Communist Party disproportionately enjoyed the fruit of the common mans’ labor the same is true in so called free countries where the the mass works for pittance while the Corporate Executive, arm in arm with the politician devours the gains of his efforts.

Is like bread softened by drops of our tears. We steadily bite into it and those with conscious know that eating it will change us forever. pg


Catch 22

I’ve gone to look for myself, if I should get back before I return please ask me to wait. From the Book, “Catch-22.”

Politics is a whore’s game, but a decent whore wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Mayor Richard J. Daley.



Catholicism derived the idea of heaven, purgatory and hell from Plato’s writings called ‘Royal Lies’.



The first thing I would abolish as president would be the racial census. After all we are all Americans. pg



Clever, egotistical, opportunist.



Caesar, Julius

On his death certificate, Antistius the coroner wrote, “Caesar was stabbed 23 times. One of the wounds was fatal.



Challenge stimulates creativity. Will Durant.


Changing people

Help people find the good in themselves and you’ve changed them forever. Criticizing is very limited in it’s results. pg



If you change institutions without changing the people of the institutions eventually it will be violently returned to a reflection of its former self. pg



The world is not in chaos. You are. pg

Water is heated and controlled. When it’s boiling out of control… this is chaos, this is the same in life. pg


Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens father was imprisoned for debts. Charles Dickens went to less than 4 years of school. He worked in a rat infested warehouse putting labels on bottles. His manuscripts were turned down by dozens.



One of the reasons the age of chivalry was so called, was because the leader of a people stood arm in arm with his warriors risking life and limb. He was not making phone calls or giving instructions from a large white house. pg


Churchill quote

If Hitler would invade hell, I would find a favorable thing to say about the Devil.



Christianity would think little of pilgrimages to the holy land to fatten the pockets of religion sellers. Instead it would help the oppressed and protect the weak. pg



You who have your fathers’ heart will be destined to feel the sharp pain of lost affection. But enjoy your gift of heart to its fullest and you’ll find that the strength that love stores will be more than enough to ward off any fatal wound.



Coke gets its flavor from Trujillo coca leaves. The world’s largest legal business gets its raw material from the world’s largest illegal business.



The best commander is loved and respected, feared only if crossed. “Napoleon” By Vincent Cronin.



The rivers and seas receive the homage of hundreds of mounts that tower over them. This is so because the rivers and streams are below them. Thus he who puts himself below men puts himself above them and he who finds himself in front is there because he put himself behind. Lao Tse Chi wise man 500bc



Our living death is chained to them. pg



Confusion is that which overwhelms the mind without enlightening it. pg

Confusion can only be assimilated by one who is incredibly organized. pg



Conscience is not the voice of God but the fear of man. Helvetius



Conviction forms chains attached to heaven or hell, but seldom to none of the above. Pg

Your eyes show the strength of your conviction. pg

Conviction or stubbornness? pg


Courage / Craziness

Some birds aren’t smart enough to be frightened by scarecrows.

Pat g

I know lots of men without money but I don’t know one that ain’t got no balls.

Pat g to MS

In disadvantage, the courageous become cowards and in advantage, the cowards become courageous.

Comfort makes cowards of us all.



To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

Abraham Lincoln


Cowardice feigned

Cowardice feigned can only be the act of one with great courage.



If you’ve invented a form for your life do not try to fit pre-formed people into it.



Life is the most beautiful thing that I know. I cannot be everyone’s friend. I cannot make everyone happy. I must do what’s right. I must lead. I must be frank, fair and honest. This is Life’s Creed.



Criticism is easy. Achievement is difficult.

Winston Churchill

Other’s criticism cannot hurt you unless you allow it to. Accept criticism as suggestions to appreciate and ponder. Don’t let them negatively affect you and create doubt and damage. pg



I make no more importance of the air that passes from the mouth than the air that passes from the lower extremities of their body. Da Vinci


Darkness is the absence of light. -Tomer on train to Rosenscheim when asked about the Israeli-Palestinian problem.



Some men daydream and envision all of the obstacles that cannot be surmounted. The dream cannot become. Other men daydream and remove tall obstacles and make the dream a reality. pg


Dear Friend,

Once I stood with my son in my arms gazing out at the angry Adriatic. The doctors had just informed me that we had no compatible donors for him. The waves were crashing in, arriving closer and closer as if tantalizing me to walk in with my boy and swim as far as I could to join them in their persistent roll.

As I walked, numb in my mind and body I looked at my son, he was watching me. He wasn’t frightened by the waves that by now were crashing at my waist.

He was confident in me. There was nothing to fear,nor death or life. Since that evening I’ve never been the same. It’s as if I knew that there would be better days. Yesterday with you was one of them.


Dear Lord

I’m here in St. Peter’s. I feel your presence as I have so many other times in my life. I’m looking for guidance to come into me. I’ll never return to 52nd and Laflin or 26th and Halsted. I’ll never see Armor park as a boy searching for love and a home. I have found my home inside. It’s so funny to understand that home has no geographical boundaries, no fences no gates. Please help me to fulfill my duties. Please help me to realize destiny whatever it is. I’m here to celebrate my union with You, the Force, my Lord in me. And the answers to my questions become the questions themselves. Should I? When should I? How should I?


Dear Lord

What a beautiful life you’ve given me. But at the moment I’m a bit blocked. I’ve never been able to tolerate arrogance. But the fact that I’m intolerant of arrogance, does this make me arrogant? The fact that I can’t tolerate ignorance, does this in fact make me ignorant? I’m happy to take my responsibilities, I made my bed and I’m sleeping in it a bit uncomfortably. You got another mattress for me Lord? pg



Because of the dead created by the war of Rome 100 BC Sulla stopped the slaughter of the defeated city saying. ‘I forgive the living for the dead’.



Death is the full realisation of one’s self. Carl Gustav Jung

Death should not hold terror within it’s grips. For a just man it should borrow the grace and the dignity keeping with the life that he led. The same exact one that’s now slipping away. pg

When you are called from the table, leave it as graciously as one who is leaving a feast. pg

A life lived to it’s most should pass unto death as a day lived to its most passes to night. pg

The olive does not curse the tree as it falls. pg

Life’s brother. pg

The ultimate solution. pg

The thought of our death makes us more aware of life. pg



Major decisions in life are made buy your spirit.



When you”re getting run out of town make it look like you’re leading a parade.




He who defends all defends nothing. Frederick the Great

If you set up barriers within your walls, you protect yourself from 5 pc of the people that want to hurt you and 95 pc of the people who want to help you.



We are part of a fantastic thing which I don’t pretend to understand. This does not deny religion or the existence of God, but in fact is affirmation of a magical whole, of which we all, no matter how great, famous or indifferent, play part in its majesty. Pg

If horses could draw, they would draw their Gods like horses.



There is no democracy with uneducated people. There is only manipulation.

Democracy gives the decision making process to he who gets the most votes. However this person is not necessarily the best decision maker. If a man has cancer he goes to the best qualified doctor not the most charismatic. Pg

I often ponder that democracy is the sheep’s clothing covering the wolf, capitalism.

Democracy on the whole is inferior to aristocracy. For it is based on a false assumption of equality. All men are not created equal. Aristotle

The organization called democracy is finished when less than less than the majority of people vote in local. Elections, the most close to them and when statesmenship is replaced by politics which is the strategy of party and the lust for the spoils of office.


Democracy and Companies

A political democracy derives it’s authority from the consent of the governed. A company derives its authority from the consent of the marketplace.


Democracy or Monarchy

In Monarchy the people are eaten by a lion. In democracy they are eaten by hundreds of rats. Voltaire



Democracy is here today and tomorrow will leave. If a country enjoys good time the government will last regardless of its name or form. For it’s not the form of government that the people care about but that they’re well. If they eat and feel good about themselves a Mussolini is as good as a Bush. Countries should not be judged by the form of government but by the people who form the country. pg


Desperate men

Desperate men fight harder. If you leave no escape route for the enemy you must be prepared to fight him to the death. It’s often wise to accept a compromised victory. Desperate men often defeat the odds. Pg

Desperate people often turn to radical solutions.

Building walls to separate populations. Sharon

Implementing laws that infringe on people’s rights. The Patriot Act – George Bush



We’re through the hell of a problem when the demons become angels. pg



Depression is like a pursuing dragon to be defeated and sent back to the shadows. He’s defeated when you turn him into love.

When you think that he’s tired of eating your life he appears out of the shadows in the form of what you thought was the obvious solution to your dilemma.

Someday all of us will fight the dragon. It is not a choice, it is inevitable, it is your duty.

When fighting him you have to tire less than he. One of his main weapons is fatigue. He will try to wear you down so that you surrender to him.

If you want to beat him these are some techniques that I’ve found helpful.

Stay in good physical shape.

Stay in touch with your friends.

Never anger, the punches that you throw in anger will almost inevitably hit you.

Write your feelings for no one to read, they serve as notes to be used during the next battle.

Laugh in his face. This confuses him while he was trying to convince you.

He wanted you to believe that a girl or money or a job was the most important thing in your life. But he was just throwing confusion at you.

Stay close to the Force of good, the Lord. He will sustain you in your times of dire need. The Dragon IS DEFEATED WHEN YOU TURN HIM INTO LOVE. Pg



The darkest hour comes just before dawn.



Destiny is our eternity. All else is vanity. Antonio Coviello

Getting the glimpse of destiny is like seeing a shooting star. After the spark of the star is gone you’re not sure if you ever saw it. It was a beautiful thing and a unique feeling. You know that it was there. You’re not sure that you’ll ever see it again.



Most women I meet have a bigger dick then mine. I B.


Die for

I would die for the people of the US. I would die for the people of Italy. I would probably die for the people of China. It’s just nice to have someone to die for. It’s a beautiful thing, that feeling of conviction and emotion. pg



When in a time of difficulty, think water. It flows through your hands yet nothing can stop it.   Christy Walton 

When chaos strikes… Remember, shit makes things grow.   Christy Walton



Diplomacy us the art of telling the truth without offending.

Winston Churchill


Dimitry the false King

Pole who took the Kremlin in the early 17th century. When the Russians retook it they burned his body and shot the ashes out of a cannon in the direction of Poland.


Divided house

We all know that a divided house falls. But if it’s going to fall it’s just as important that it doesn’t fall on you. pg


Divine Mystery

We see pieces of divine mystery in everything from a rose to a puppy. But it’s our soul that is closest to God. There we can at moments understand that we are also part of this divine mystery. pg



Divorces are so expensive because they’re worth it.   Steve BPT – Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

The worst marriage is better than the best divorce. MF



We must listen more to nature and less to doctors. For nature does not sell consultation or remedies. Leonardo Da Vinci


Dog Lissette

Lissette was a favorite dog of Peter the Great. Catherine sent a note on the dog’s neck and signed in the dog’s name asking mercy for a man that Peter refused to pardon. Smartly she pulled it off with this trick and Peter pardoned the man.


Don Quixote’s horse

Don Quoits’ horse was named Rocinante. John Steinbeck also named the trailer truck that he toured America with to write ‘Travels with Charley’ Rocinante.



Non for profit organizations misappropriate and misuse funds. Professional and high powered people are in the best position to know that. Non professionals and the masses are in a less advantageous position to know this. Wealthy people give when they receive. Poor people give and they receive, right up the ass. pg



You cannot do more nor should you wish to do less. Robert E. Lee

Davenport of Stamford was a Puritan serving in the Connecticut legislature. An ugly darkness took the sky and many were convinced that the world was ending. In panic they wanted to adjourn. Instead Davenport stayed in his place reading the legislature. When asked about his strange behavior he said; “If the world is coming to an end then I desire to be found at my work place doing my duty’. Davenport of Stamford



If something’s worth dying for then it’s worth living for. John Doe

Earrings on a pig

Giving money to an ignoramus is like putting earrings on a pig. The ignoramus understands the value of money about as much s the pig knows about earrings and in time the money will make the ignoramus look as ridiculous as the earrings made the pig appear.

Isn’t money to be used for necessities and to help others in need? pg



The storage place for old and forgotten sins.


Earthly success

Earthly success is not the criterion of merit nor the measure of true greatness. Robert E. Lee



Sometimes school interferes with a good education.

Christy Walton

In life, I am everyman’s pupil. Emerson


Einstein invented the formula of relativity at 26. Newton did his greatest work at 23.



If you want enemies, excel your friends if you want friends let your enemies excel you. French Philosopher Rochefoucauld



True enlightenment to us is like sunlight to soil.

N.F.S. Grundtvig



Equality should not come at the cost of liberty as in forced busing, affirmative action, quotas and politically correct universities and societies. After all no two nationalities, religions or races are alike or equal. pg

Equality can be used to attempt to allocate rights, but no 2 men are created equal. pg



The best evidence is perjured (planted) because there are no loose-ends. Anatole France



All that is necessary for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. 

Edmunde Burke

Evil stands before the sun next to good. They are brothers and one in the same. They can never be extinguished singly… If you kill one you kill the other. One is the product of the other. Often in the flesh one is good but in the spirit he is evil. Evil of the spirit is not always easy to identify. Be careful of pointing your finger at evil because you may find that this identifies you as the true culprit that you are. pg

The evil don’t count more, they just cast bigger shadows.

There are no evil people. There are only good people who do evil things. pg



Clutched in the trance of duty, my sliced fingers delve a mountain of broken mirror for fragments of lost treasure, each awakening finds me clothed in guilt and bloody garments.



When you appeal to the highest level of thinking you get the highest level of performance.



Experience leaves one man broken and another one enlightened. pg


Experience at the Bersagliere in Napoli

An afternoon at Bersagliere with 2 friends was fondly spent watching them enjoy one another. He a 64 year old sturdy, retired colonel. She a 24 year old student looking for knowledge. He was happy to talk and have someone listen. She was happy to listen and have someone talk to her. They were joined by mutual affection of a third friend. The third friend is me. It was beautiful.


Experience Paola

My ticket was for 29A. Someone was already sitting in my seat. 27C was free. The plane was full.

I sat next to Paola. She was a 13 year old girl from Adelfia. She was on her way to a school trip in London. She was timid and wished not to speak in English. I told her how fortunate that she was to have parents who would pay for such a trip. She responded that the Italian government paid for her trip because her mother was a widow and she fatherless. In my pocket I had two silver chains and lockets that I had bought for my mother and sister in Chicago. I gave one of them to Paola and insisted that she open it.

She confided in me that growing up without a father was difficult. Her father had died of a heart attack. His name was Francesco. I told her that the gift was from me and her father. She responded that I didn’t know her father. I told her that in a strange way that all fathers know each other. She accepted the gift from me and Frank. Don’t ever be afraid to do something nice. If you are you may find that you in essence fear happiness.

Experience leaves one man broke and another enlightened. pg



Only when man’s external needs are sufficed does he begin to care for his internal needs.

Eye for an Eye and the world becomes blind.


If we have faith in nothing we can expect no faith to be placed in us.

If we have faith in little small faith will be put in our hands.

If we are of great faith the world is our apple. Buon appetito Pat g

Prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door.

Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to.

Why must we see miracles to believe in God? Is not the nature and wonder that surrounds us enough to attest to His existing love for us? pg


Faith Defenders

Faith defenders are often it’s greatest enemies because their theories stimulate others to reflect and often to choose their position to attack the very doctrine.

Wealthy Man’s Faith

It was not a coincidence that the poor are strong in faith and that finding a man of worldly wealth who has real faith is like finding a pearl amongst the grains of sand.



Are you aware that if we died tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family that we left behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, many of us pour ourselves more into work than into our own family. Sent by Kelly L.



The fear of failure helps us to realize our dreams.



What power does man have against fate? Less than the weight of a feather against the North wind.



If you don’t think about it, it doesn’t exist. Fear is unreasonable if it impedes the way that you choose to live your life. pg

Do the thing that you’re afraid of and the death of fear is certain. Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Fighting the Dragon

Dear Lord, help me today to fight the dragon. I know that I’ll need your help tomorrow as well.



A foes strength is his allies. Separate him from his allies or weaken their relationship and you’ve weakened your foe.



A fool is a man who substitutes words for deeds.



I’d rather beg for forgiveness than ask permission. Frank Caruso



Misfortune nobly borne is good fortune.

Marcus Aurelius

Robert E. Lee (the greatest American)

Behind every great fortune is a great crime. Balzac


Franklin Ben

I will speak bad of no one and speak only of the good qualities of those I know.



Frankness is the child of honesty and courage. Robert E Lee



With every step the government takes to protect our freedom they are systematically stripping it? Pg

Freedom must be achieved. We must work to sever the chains that our families, friends and society bind us with by convincing us that life is about things, that life has a particular behavior…life is Spirit, our spirit. Once we separate our spirit from things, we begin to really live. Unfortunately, most often death is the real beginning of life. Pg

He who gives up freedom for safety deserve neither. Ben Franklin

Freedom with wisdom is different than freedom with innocence. True freedom for an adult is freedom with wisdom. We use the wisdom to break the chains of all of the lies and unimportant messages and misconceptions that we are taught growing up in society through the government that preaches freedom but really means capitalism. pg

Freedom in modern sense is the right to earn and spend. But the pursuit of this right enslaves us. Our leaders become tyrants and our pride shame. For we are not searching truth and freedom but comfort and luxury. This brings us to be false because to acquire them we enslave ourselves to the comfort claiming that this is our escape from tyranny. pg

Freedom is doing what you want to do. It glitters and rises mental pictures and films. But the desire chains us to the reality that pursuit of it can never lead to it’s realization. pg

Freedom can only be achieved when you stop pursuing it. We carry it around on our chest as a marketable item. But in many ways it’s like the slave who sings praise of his master. pg

Freedom and liberty are marketing words. None of us are free and every day we’re more enslaved to our TV’s and dishwashers. Luxury enters our home as a guest and we become its slave. The media programs our opinions. pg

Communism is supposed to free us from capitalism, and capitalism from communism. pg


Free Speech

Lots of free speech means lots of offense and when the offended reacts it is considered a downright outrage. Winston Churchill

My story is one that shocks the imagination. pg


French Revolution

The French Revolution was the day that equality of the classes got it’s turn to guillotine liberty. pg Durant

Madame D’Farge knit a stitch for every head that fell under the guillotine.


Freshness Dates

A lady wakes her kids up at 11:45 to eat when she discovers freshness date on Twinkies expires in 15 minutes.



The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

A friend is someone who knows everything about you and loves you anyway. pg

God protect me from my friends, I’ll take care of my enemies. Voltaire

Friends are like wings. Without them you can’t fly . pg



Friends are like wings. Without them you can’t fly. pg

It’s the Sunday after 9-11, I’m stranded in Frankfurt , Germany . Here I have made two new Israeli friends. I am American and they are Israeli and strangely enough, it is the politicians and not the Arabs who are the brunt of their anger for this catastrophe. Eton & Tomer – Tel Aviv



Sometimes to be a friend to someone means becoming an enemy of society. Pg

Love is blind but true friendship is clairvoyant. pg

Friendship is more important to the happy than the unhappy. Happiness is multiplied by sharing it’s presence which eliminates the necessity of the system of justice for among friends it’s not a necessity. pg

Friendship is one soul in 2 bodies.

Friendship is commonly used to represent worldly alliances. Friendship is much more than this. It transcends time, distance and death. It is of the soul. pg

Friendship grows like rivers that never cease to fill the oceans yet it is never full.



With the mind games we play today we create our future. Pg

Genetic Code

The genetic code is written in three-letter words, each spelling out on of twenty amino acids, which make a protein. This is the same in every creature; in bats, trees or humans. The American Indians are right. All life is really one. Pg



Genomes are written in three-letter words using only four letters: ACGT. English books are written with words of variable length using 26-letters. Now chomp on that for a while. pg



Every gift that we ignore is used against us. Pg



Girlfriends come and go, wives are forever.



It’s impossible to win a race if you don’t know where the finish line is. Pg



I humbly call myself a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the son of God. I also am a son of God and so are you. I believe that God is all things and everything is in Him. pg

God either does not care, has no power to change or does not know about and of the suffering of man. Voltaire pg


Good Bad

There is no good or bad by nature. Thinking makes it this way. Shakespeare


Good Deeds

No good deed goes unpunished. IB


Good Guys

Good guys find each other. One morning leaving the Water Tower I hooked Brian Davis with Derrick Holmes. Brian’s son wanted to go to Iowa state. Derrick had graduated from there. Brian said how funny it was to talk and find the connection. He commented that good guys seem to find each other.


Good Living

Life is nature’s gift, good living is Wisdom’s.


Good Man 

If you walk into a pitch black room with a tiny candle, isn’t it amazing the light that it casts. The same is a good man amongst the masses. pg



Goodness is not measured by what we don’t do or by the things that we forbid ourselves, but by the amount of pleasure that we take in loving others.



Might makes right. All government makes laws, democratic, aristocratic, or autocratic, with a view to their own interest. The laws theu make are set to preserve the power of the leaders and they serve their interests to their subjects and call it justice and call criminal and unjust anyone who trasgresses them which is really injustice on a large scale.

All systems are the same. A wise and kind king is better than a corrupt president. Plato

Democracy, aristocratic or a autocratic government are all utilized to protect the interests of it’s sponsors. The sponsors create the laws which they deem just. They then punish the unjust who do not uphold their laws. In the name of justice they systematically curb freedom and rob property of others often as the people watch and applaud. The US was founded as a way to avoid paying taxes to England. Today when an American refuses to pay taxes he’s put into jail. pg and Thrasymachus

There is no perfect form of government. Democracy becomes a trademark for capitalism, social suppression and forced group thinking. When the king, president, dictator or chief lives several times better than the average man he is meant to lead, when he is surrounded by hundreds of slaves or servants or aids or advisors at his beckoning call who have become his instruments, when a man can mobilize and risk the lives of thousands from a castle or a white house or a mosque, then you have tyranny, no matter what the government is called. pg



My Romanian grandmother badgered me for seemingly years… ‘What do you want to be when you grow up Brian? What do you want to be?’

One day almost exasperated I answered. ‘ Grandmother, I said, I want to be a decent human being!’

She looked at me tenderly and said, ‘but Brian, you must go to school. You’ll become a doctor or a lawyer. You will have a nice office and work from nine to five… after that you will have all the time you want to be a decent human being’.

Brian Triber



Andrew Johnson was the outgoing president and very conciliatory to the southern states. Instead Republicans wanted harshness and payment for the 360,000 lost northern lives. In fact Grant ran the southern states as military districts with no voting rites. Ulysses S Grant, a democrat defeated Johnson who was almost impeached for not being in line with his own party or anyone else. There was such bitterness between the 2 that Johnson did not attend the inauguration of Grant. Grant went on to lead the most corrupt federal government ever known. It had been to Grant that Lee had surrendered to, never forgetting his kindness in allowing the southerners to keep their horses and walk away in dignity. Lee was a great conciliator after the war and more than any one man brought the north and south closer after the it’s end.


Great Ends

Great ends are unattainable until the means which produce them have been summoned into existence.


Greatest Harm

Great harm is done by the individual who isn’t interested in his fellow man. This individual has the greatest difficulty and provides greatest damage to others. Alfred Adler Viennese psych.



If there is no law against greed there should be none against stealing.



After Alexander’s death and Aristotle’s exile the glory of Greece faded into the Roman Sun.  [323 BC.] Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.


Gun Control at Airport

They check for guns to protect the airline attendants. pg


People with ropes around their necks don’t always hang. pg

There are two kinds of people in the world people, the ones with ropes around their necks and those who cut the ropes. pg



Our happiness can only. Be discovered by our spirit. How can our spirit find it if we continue to put fences around it by rules and things?

Seek wisdom and all else will either follow or become irrelavant. Pg

If a man cannot think out of the box he is condemned to live inside of it. Pg

Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be. Abe Lincoln

Happiness is holding the flame that does not burn, but instead purifies.

Happiness is the real lost paradise.

Happiness is the mastery of one’s self – Diobenes of Sinope 400-325 BC

Happiness is life is captured by living simply and devoting one’s self to virtue and reason – Lucius Annaeus Seneca 4BC-65AD

By following our inner soul to the path of selflessness, by giving importance to doing what is morally right and indifference to all else, by being satisfied with one’s life we will find happiness – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, 4BC-65AD

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts -Marcus Aurelius 121-180



WITH YOUR HATE I LEARNED TO LOVE. I never knew love so tense until I experienced your hate so immense. In time I learned that you didn’t hate me but everything about you. Thank you



Hatred is never ended by more hatred. Hatred can only be defeated by love. Buddha



The heart has it’s reasons that the head can never understand. Pascal

I dragged my heart to school to learn to read. I sat patiently and taught it to write. In the end my heart remains illiterate. The only word that it really ever understood was love. Toto’



Heaven is forgiveness. Hell is bondage or self condemnation. Forgiving another is forgiving one’s self. Not forgiving one’s self leads to self condemnation and hell. pg



I was walking with my friend Kevin. He told me about going to the county hospital 15 years ago. There a doctor gave him 5 years to live. I asked him what he did about it.

He responded,’I changed hospitals’.

Pat g Calhoun

When you shit a 20 inch turd you know that something’s workin right. Kev

The first thing I’d do to become healthy is to eliminate all of the chemical additives that the FDA claim to be safe – Dr. J

The FDA says that Cloned animal products are safe for human consumption by testing them out on rats… Problem is, we’re not rats – Dr. J



Hell is a fictional creation of weak individuals who are not able to vindicate their nemisis in this world. They therefor depend on the ‘Almighty’ to finish what they were unable to in this on their own.

-Friedrich Nietzsche



Seemingly we have run out of real heroes since Whitney told us that the greatest love was self love as a consequence the media makes everyone a hero, even some villians. Pg



We all hide under the same moon. This means that none of us are hidden. pg

Men hide behind the impregnable columns of their newspapers.


Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen was a female doctor, botanist and biologist of the middle ages.



What is history other than a fable that we all agree upon? Napoleon

History is a bunch of dirty tricks that we play upon the dead. Caesar

History is ceremonies, facts and monuments heaped up to prove lies. Napoleon

History is transformed to be used for our future plans. Voltaire

The movement of history is the ever greater restriction of violence. You have an explosion of violence to exterminate violence or to prohibit it, which in itself is paradoxical.


Hitler on Italy

The Italians never lose a war, they always end up on the winning side.



Blocks are labored for and suffered for, but a piece of the earth transformed into 4 walls and a guarded abode should not be so sought after more than peace of mind. pg

A home should breathe. The best doorway is the absence of a door and the best window is an open space. Homes are built not for the living, but for the living dead who enslave their souls and spirits to comfort and put alarms and dead bolts in to safe keep their imminent suffering.


Honest Reagan

Honest Reagan asked 700 thousand for his business in California. Irv agreed. At the closing a price of 600,000 was on the paper. When Irv asked why, Honest Reagan replied. “It’s the insurance that the employees get to keep their jobs. Honest Reagan had refused a better bid by a larger company because he had faith in Irv’s character.



Honesty is the best policy if all else fails.



If the governments have their way, they’ll turn everyone of us and our children into snitchers and robotic sissies. Pg

A true man has his honor which he wears like a suit of armor. It protects his manhood. And though his body may be destroyed his suit of armor will protect the thing that is more important than life itself, his soul. And the richest man in the world with all of his wealth and power and influence cannot buy the last breath from a just man, a man of honor. Therefore the man of honor dies far richer and content. Murdering a man’s body is a crime. Life is believed to be the most precious thing and our body is the holder of life. But what about someone who kills a mans soul. Isn’t this a greater crime? Shouldn’t most of the captains of industry be serving life sentences? Pg

Today the plight of a man of honor is similar to that of a dinosaur. He must become extinct. He must die because he reminds us of our past. He brings us to face with our lost honor and must therefore be terminated so that we can bury our shame along with him and our past. pg



History teaches us to hope.

Robert E. Lee

It is history which teaches us to hope. Robert E. Lee. (No matter how black, things always changed and never remained black).

Hope is the last to die.

There is no poorer man than one who can not afford to hope. pg


Human Behavior

Human behavior flows from 3 rivers; desire, emotion and knowledge.


Human Relations

Six most important words in English language.

I was wrong – please forgive me.

Five… You did a good job.

Four… What is your opinion?

Three… Can I help?

Two… Thank you.

One… You

Least important word… I

Dr. Albert Sion MD



It takes a lot of drops to make a sea.

I was out on the faraglione yelling at the sun. I was laying there after climbing the 15 feet to the ledge. I was laying and yelling. I yelled, Sole!!! Sole!!! Smette di nascondere!!!

Sun!!! Stop hiding.  Then I realized that with all his brilliance, warmth, brightness and power that he was not hiding. He couldn’t penetrate the clouds. Humility will guide us. Pat g

The reasons that the mountains pay homage to the seas and rivers is that the seas and rivers put themselves at the feet of the mountains. If you wish to lead men put yourself below man.



Hunger of flesh softens our brains. Women are perilous.



The Lord raises up those who bow down. Psalm 146



Reasoning and eventually changing one’s mind is as natural as the snake shedding his skin. Those who cannot rationalize, call this shameless. Those who do not rationalize call the others hypocrites.

The prostitution of the word friendship is a great hypocrisy. Friendship is commonly used to represent worldly alliances. Friendship is much more than this. It transcends time, distance and death. It is of the soul.

Ignorant people

It’s better to be thought foolish by ignorant people than to be thought intelligent by them. Goethe, Grazie Antonia di Lucia


Impossible Goals

The only impossible goals are those you have never thought.

Don Mario, bishop of Acquaviva, Santeramo, Altamura and Gravina



Industrialization and materialism were mentioned as possible weapons to be used against an abusive and oppressive Catholic church shortly prior to the French revolution by some French writers and philosophers.



If a man cannot think out of the box, he is condemned to live insied of it. pg

Desperation often leads to innovation. Dr. Coe



The Christian in Asia, the Moslem in Europe and America, the Catholic in middle east or Africa… Either all of us are infidels or none of us are.



Our parents raise us in the innocence of the dove but want us to become crafty as the serpent. Eventually the serpent eats the dove. pg



The greatest swordsman in the world does not have to fear the second greatest swordsman, but rather the man ignorant of swords but knowledgeable about gun powder. Mark Twain



Intellect should not be the slave of passion but the servant of the heart.

-Auguste Comte



Intellectual passion drives out sensuality. Leonardo Da Vinci



If the people on television were experts on investing… They wouldn’t be on television. They are not part of your solution and overall they are a part of a destabilizing affect.

Pat g



Avram Heidel Labovich Englewood 6040 Throop street rented room to Charles Barr before Irv was born in 1929. Barr applied for a job at Sears but got another job and moved away. Sears sent a letter to Barr’s old address. Avram opened the letter then changed his name to Charles Barr and accepted the job.

I feel better when I don’t work but when I don’t work I get depressed. I. C.

Man plans, God laughs. I B.

As bad as it is that’s as good as it is. I. B.

Mishagaz a hang up or a twisted view of something. I. B.

Many people are interested in money. Many people are changed by money. The thing that interests me in Irv Barr is his heart. He’s got a heart of gold. His capacity to love exceeds most people’s capacity to understand him. They don’t look inside. That’s where the real riches of Irv lie. I’m Irv Barr’s friend. I say this with pride and happiness. He’s given me more than I could have dreamed of from a friend. pg dedicated to Irv B.

Are you afraid of terrorists. Are you kidding? I’m married to one. I.C.



Of all the nations, Italy is the most adorned by the arts. Of all the nations she has the least need of them.

-A British wise man

Who has been to heaven does not desire earth. He who has been to Italy does not desire other places. Gogol

God is the artist of the earth. Italy is God’s greatest masterpiece. Henry Adams

Thou art the garden of the world. Byron


Italian Architecture

Italian architecture designed the Kremlin and the two most important cathedrals within its walls. The Assumption where Czars and Empresses were crowned from the 15 th to the 20 th centuries was designed by Fiorvanti Rudolfo. The Saint Michael Arch Angle cathedral was designed by Novy Alesio. The Czars were buried here.



Only dead Italians are worthy of our interest. The longer they’re dead, the more worthy.

-A French Tourist


Philip father of Alexander the great was killed by Pausanius one of his officers because of his wife Olympia’s’ teasing and conniving. Alexander became leader of Greek armies at 20.

Are you jealous of the freedom of the wind, the strength of the sea, the persistence of the tree? If you are you will not likely become them.



It is true joy knowing that you’ve been chosen for a higher purchase and that your life has been consumed 100% leaving you too exhausted to complain about your silly aches and pains. George Bernard Shaw



If God is just, we’ll all hang. Fr. Jack Riley (friend of Fr. Dan Cahill)


I gotta get on that social security disability. Mc Millan book company closed out 34 years ago. I was heartbroken. I never could get over it. I was never no good at working anywhere else. Never could hold down a job after that. I get sick thinking about it. I’d a had a blue cross, blue shield, shares in the company and everything. I’d a been retired and tellin everybody ’bout all de books I read. Ya know everyone lies.



The king shall come and cause justice without judging. He will conquer without defeating. He will thunder without making noise. He will create earthquakes without moving the earth. I want to be a servant of this Lord. pg

When M. L King asked how he as a pacifist could be an admirer of General Daniel Chappie James. He responded I judge people by their principles not by mine.


Know your prey

You don’t go fishing with angel food cake.

You don’t woo your guests with worms.

Know your goal and bait the hook accordingly.


Language I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.

-Emperor Charles the Fifth


Last Testament

I bequeath my soul to God… My body to obscurity and my name to the next generations. Francis Bacon Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.


Last words

Crito I owe a cock to Asclepius. Will you please remember to pay the debt. These were words said by Socrates right after he drank the hemlock.



The most important law which would eliminate the need for most other laws, “love thy neighbor”.

Law is society’s forced observance of a custom. But is there any necessity to force the preservation of a custom or a law? Durant

Law is like the weather vane. It can never direct the direction of the wind.

Law is a spider web that catches the little flies and lets the big bugs escape.



Man gets hit in head by salt falling from salt truck. Sues for millions because salt caused him to fall and get amnesia. He was going to start a novel the next week and it was going to be a best seller.



An effective leader never separates people from results.

The qualities of a good leader are wisdom to recognize changing circumstances and sincerity to guarantee the good will of those around him.

His humanity will help him to appreciate other’s qualities, his courage will allow him to take advantage of changing circumstances without hesitation and his consistency will make people feel secure to lean on him and converse with him.



A fish stinks from the head down. Billy Buckley



The highest level of learning often comes through teaching.

Learning is wonderful but the only way to accomplish your dreams is by doing.



I surrender as much to Lincoln ‘s kindness as I do to Sherman ‘s armies.

One day after the war Mr. Robert E. Lee was standing at the gate of his house in Lexington. As Cooke the author of a Lee biography arrived he inquired as to who the ragged departing gentleman that Lee had been talking to was. Lee replied that he was one of our needy old soldiers. Cooke took for granted that the soldier was an old southern warrior. Lee never spoke outright of his generous deeds, however it was later discovered that in fact the old soldier had fought for the other side and that in fact Lee had generously aided him at his moment of need.

It’s a good thing that war’s so terrible, or we should become to fond of it. Lee

Frank Buchser was commissioned by his Swiss government to paint a portrait to commemorate the north’s victory over the south. Instead he painted Lee insisting that Lee not Grant the present president was by far the better symbol of democracy. Switzerland refused to pay him. But 100 years later it is considered Buchser’s finest portrait and is on permanent display at the Swiss National Museum. Just like the Swiss.

Northern lights-Lee

The Aurora Borealis quote from a Scottish poem fits the circumstances surrounding Lee’s death. There was a storm that flooded Virginia with 14 inches of rain in 36 hours. Then the northern lights were seen. The quote, ‘fearful lights that never beckon, save when heroes and kings die’. Lee died the following day.


Leonardo Fabinucci

Famous 12th century mathematician

from the ground to your belly button is .618 of your height

In a market after a rally or fall there is a correction to .618 or .382 .6 or .4



There was an agenda born in Europe and the Americas to strengthen transatlantic security for the new century. Who are they strengthening it for? Where is freedom when the governments and the large benefactors of government, industry take all of the power in their hands? Are we the empire from Star Wars and the third world the rebels?



Living is much more important than life. Pg

If one has friends he flies through life without them he is condemned to trudge through it. pg

Pennies amassed become money. Minutes become a life. pg

You only get old when you let your regrets take the place of your dreams. John Barrymore

Your life is a complicated, wonderful story. Write out the outline regularly to stay on course.

A successful life is a team result.

Life is a game. Communicate the rules at the outset and the game can commence.

Life is a game. The game measures you.

Life is a game. If you cannot invent one then borrow one and customize it.

Life is a game. It is your special game. Fill it with special people.

Life is an orchestra. You are its conductor.

Life is decided by a goal and a strategy to arrive.

God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.  Chuck Faso

The mixture which is not shaken decomposes.

Life is like a river. Sometimes you wade through it, other times you swim it. Every now and then you got to build a bridge.

If everyone of us imagined a mountain. It would never be the same picture in any two minds. Such is life. pg

Life is the gift of nature-God. Good living is the gift of wisdom.

The more you learn the more there is to understand, it’s a never ending search. Handled this way even your last breath will be an answer to something that you were searching for.

Life condemns all but rare youth to live in the future and all but rare old to live in the past.

Life is a daily deferment of death.

It’s amazing how much space silly things take up in the lives of small people.

We all need something to live for. If we live for ourselves we’ll die by ourselves. pg

True success is merited. Merit is only judged by risk and sacrifice. Earthly rewards are an inaccurate measure of success. Even great defeats can be molded into gains. Live by the golden rules: love others as you love yourself, only perfect people should throw stones and only I am responsible for my actions. Practicing these rules will bring you friendship. Friendship is based on love and is the foundation of life. In friendship love must always exceed need. Forgive a friend as you in your imperfections want to be forgiven. If you’ve injured a friend don’t let a moment pass before asking his forgiveness because in that time you’ve created doubt. Doubt in friendship brings despair. Implement positive change as aggressively as you protect your values. Know that the best answer is often silence. Remember that all the tears in the world cannot erase a line of your past, so tread gently on the roads of past differences. Putting these things to work will make you an expert in the art of love which is your key to immortality, because he who is loved never dies. pg

It’s important to live as you like, so become an expert in life’s rules that way you can break them without going to jail. pg

Life is a work of art, we are it’s author. Pg

The thought of death makes us more aware of our lives. pg

Life is written out. We represent two pens writing on two different pages. Soon the ink will be done and our writing days over. pg

Touch bottom once and bounce. Touch bottom twice and bounce. If you return to the bottom again the likelihood of a bounce becomes harder and harder. If you don’t bounce you’re condemned to live on the bottom. pg

As long as I can do something to help someone else I want to live. pg

The best part of life is that which you give to others. pg

Life’s sometimes like a fighter who’s primed and should easily defeat his opponent, taking the crown. Then in the second round he gets head butted and is easily defeated. pg

My life time battle is not a war on a specific enemy, for my enemy is arrogance which I can find on high, on low and in myself. pg

If one has friends he flies through life without them he is condemned to trudge through it. pg

Life is my friend, death is my mistress. Saying of the Italian Blackshirt


Life’s Goal

Bring yourself to your funeral. What do you want to hear others say about you. Your life goal is to become this.



Where are you going? I don’t know but I have to hurry.  pg



“People are as happy as they make their mind up to be.”



Live as if you’ve just come out of a tunnel, into day light.

Live as if it’s the last day of your life. learn as if you’re gonna live forever.



The whole world is but a drop in the ocean of what we call loneliness. It’s a space that cannot be closed by our legs or travel. And in fact we can lie next to a woman and be lonelier than if we were in the vastness of the sky where the slightest thought of a friend fills the space. pg

Rumor has it that there were some that didn’t want to follow the Pied Piper. Eventually they followed because they were lonely. pg



You can only understand real loss when you love someone more than you love yourself. pg


Lost cause

The lost cause is the only cause worth fighting for. John Doe



I long to be with the broken hearted because they know how to love. Catherine Ingram

I chased her until she caught me. Pat g

If you love something, set it free. If it doens’t come back to you, hunt it down and kill it. CD

When you no longer burn with love others are left to die from the cold.

Saint Vincent De Paul (sent in by Father Chuck Faso)

Are you with the love of your life or with another waiting for him to come along? Pg

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

If it finds you worthy will direct it’s own course. pg

Love’s ways are that of the Spartan. It’s roads are steep and long. As he reaps reward he thrashes you with punishment. If you are cautious with love painstakingly avoiding the prick of his mighty sword then you will laugh, but not all of your laughter and you will cry yet not all of your tears. You will rejoice yet not arrive at the limit of your joy.

Love is. Passion is born and dies. Antonio Coviello

I passed a lifetime in the 10 seconds that I looked in your eyes. I realized all things, the truth of life, the secret of the universe. My questions, like why the summer follows the spring were all satisfied. They were satisfied because in those 10 seconds I knew that all of these things mattered little.

Love is nature’s trick to get us to reproduce. We instinctively look for someone who fixes our defects lest they’re passed on. Opposites attract for this reason and this is the preservation and melioration of the race.

One should always give but never all. Expectation nourishes gratitude. Machiavelli

Love leads by itself you must follow him with no concern for the slivery sword that he carries at his side that can cut you at anytime. you must welcome the cuts as you welcome the joy that it brings.



I truly believe that when a man tells a woman that he loves her he means that he desires her. The only true love can be a father’s love for his son. Enzo Ferrari

One is loved because he is loved. There is no greater reason. Trying to form words into the reason soils the fact.

If you really love someone then free them to fill their destiny.


Love and Politics

In love and politics the longest distance between two points is often a straight line.



Love without deeds

The greatest commandment is to love others as you love yourself. If you find a hungry man and wish him well without helping him you speak love but your heart is as empty as your faith. We’re a hypocrite.



The greatest act of love that parents can do is to teach their children to live well without parents. Ferruccio

Loving is giving more than you have to give.

Loving people feel love and warmth.

Feeling love and warmth are good things.

Good things make us happy.

Intelligent people want to be happy.

Loving people are intelligent.

Anger and hate are bad things.

Bad things make us unhappy.

People who don’t want to be happy are ignorant.

Angry people are ignorant. pg

We love when the other becomes a source of joy for us.

We strive to preserve the things that bring us joy.



Luxury or comfort enters our life as a guest. It slowly becomes a host and then we become its slave.

A man is no better wrapped in fine clothes and it’s such a waste of good cloth to wrap such a useless being. Spinoza a Jewish descendant of Spain living in Amsterdam was summoned before the king and when he did not dress appropriately the king took offense. Spinoza replied with these words.


The same body, the same man, two heads; one searches light and the other darkness. Pg

Man is a combination of intellect which is formed by experience and instinct which is a product of creativity. Pg

A man of knowledge lives by acting not by thinking about acting.

Is man made of what he has or what he’s missing? If one has everything in life, he may find himself pushed by greed. Instead a man who doesn’t eat is hungrier and more aggressive than one who eats well. He is pushed by desperation.

A true man possesses inside beauty without vanity, strength without insolence and courage without ferocity.

Hurt one man and you’ve hurt all mankind.

Man is a border dweller, living in between divine and non-divine – Philo of Alexandria 20 BC



A successful manager does not connect the dots for his employees. He helps them to see the dots and then to do the connecting themselves. ‘He articulates the vision’.


Managing a Business

Leveraging a business is like driving your car with a sharp stick pointed at your heart through the steering wheel. As long as the road is smooth, it works fine. But hit one bump in the road and you may be dead.


Man unique

It is the unique gift of a man when he can demonstrate boldness when weak and cautiousness when strong.


Manhood anger

I am angry at man that he hold so dearly to his earthly possessions that he looks on the weak and oppressed with indifference because he fears risking his staged independence. He then is not his own master but a cowardly slave willingly chained to his meaningless possessions, afraid to cut the chain to enter the unknown world of manhood, a place where more exists than his whims and wants. pg


Man’s laws

We’re so ready to follow man’s laws and traditions. When an unexpected guest shows up, by man’s tradition he should have called, by God’s commandments we should have welcomed him. Love others as you love yourself and do unto others as you’d like them to do to you.


Marcus Aurelius

A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it. Roman king & philosopher, the first known stoic.



Marriage – the only war where you sleep with the enemy.


How can you be friends with the woman you screw? Vango’s cousin

Marriage is a pledging of truths’ to each other.



Materialism is a good weapon to be used against the church. Diderot 1750 French philosopher



MBA’s are people in the Fortune 500 who make careers out of saying no.

Fred Smith. Founder of FedEx

There is no business, that given time a Harvard MBA cannot analyze out of existence.

George Doroit Prof Harvard



Memories, life is built on these.



If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman to hear him is he still wrong?

The Virginian Restaurant, Jackson Hole Wyoming

Men are not animals standing erect but ‘immortal gods.’ Francis Bacon


Mental attitude

There are just as many happy faces among the farmers working with primitive tools in the tropics as there are in air conditioned offices in New York Chicago or LA and a heck of a lot less suicides.


Mentor or hero

There’s a difference between a mentor and a hero. Karlson Strouse



Between the saddle and the ground mercy be sought and mercy be found.

St. Martin of Tours answer to a mother who lost her son thrown from a horse.

Everyone’s at the mercy of someone. pg

The Mercy of God is between the bridge and the water. St. Augustine


Message to John

When asked why I try to help anyone that I can even knowing that there are thousands of phony victims. I respond. If I was in a room with a hundred men and I had a hundred dollar a bills and I was assured that 99 of the men had no need of money I’d gladly distribute the bills anyway knowing that the 1 man that had the need received his. pg


Might makes right

What was more inhuman than the slaughter and extermination of the Indian? Isn’t the plight of the Palestinians similar. The world watches and witnesses it until we’re personally affected. This is much like the thousands of Jews killed before any intercession in WW2. Then intercession came only because the saviors were convinced that intervention was in their best interest.


Middle Class

Ronald Reagan’s busting of the Air Traffic Controllers Union signaled open season on the middle class.



The human mind is the greatest testament to the Creator. It allows you to laugh at the insolence of the weak and shed tears for the death of Voltaire. pg



Miracles are for some yet to be explained phenomenon. For others they are miracles.



Misfortune nobly borne is good fortune.

Marcus Aurelius

Robert E. Lee (the greatest American)



Most people remember the big people. They hope that the size of the big people can favorably affect their own personal situation. This is a common mistake. Because instead of looking down to give a little guy a hand, the big are also looking up. They are not stimulated by your situation or what you may do for them? Instead I say “care for the little.” First, it’s the right thing to do. And you may pleasantly find that in fact the little people have much more regard for you and are often the real big people. Their memories tend to be more efficient. pg



How water tosses boulders.



It’s strange what a little money will do to so-called big people. pg

Money makes big losers out of small people.

I’ve sat here for days listening to everyone talk. They’ve mostly talked about money. Don’t they want to talk about anything important?

Life is not about money, sometimes we find out to late. pg



The moon is red with the blood of unforgiven sins.



Morality is an invention of the weak to neutralize the strength of the strong. Plato

Kindness to the weak. Jesus Christ

Bravery of the brave. Nietsche

Harmony of the whole. Plato



Morals are often left outside the door like an umbrella.



Murder is only murder if you’re not wearing a uniform and haven’t been authorized by your government. If you’re authorized by your government and wearing a uniform it’s called an act patriotism.

Jay levin



While inventing music, great pieces are unique but not every unique piece is great.


My dear friend

I’m sorry that our time together was short. Now uninterrupted I’ll tell you the things that I never had a chance to say. I respect you as well as like you. When you’re not noticing I’m watching the way that you answer your problems with intelligence and consideration. I see that you seek justice and that you’re apt to turn your cheek to create harmony. I see that that you tower over those that surround you though you never look from above. I see that you suffer the frustration and guilt of the divorced parent. I’m proud of your efforts. You have a son who in many ways is your equal. However he is a midget to your wisdom in maneuver. I agree with you that love is 90% of the cure though we never know when we’re the 10%. But I see that you do love and that you try so hard. And after all is closed and forgotten wasn’t this, our effort the most important thing, even more important than our success? The history books remember facts. But our intentions are the true windows of our hearts and therefore the true judge of our lives. So don’t you see you can’t lose with your son, no matter the outcome. We can only hope that what we want is deemed to be destiny.

Napoleon’s defeat

Napoleon’s defeat entered Europe into the age of pessimism, the holy alliance between the church and state. The revolution was dead and the son of the revolution was rotting on some rock called Madagascar in a distant forgotten sea. Leopardi in Italy, Byron of England, De Musett of France, Heine of Germany, and Pushkin of Russia were all pessimistic poets. Schubert, Schumann Chopin and later Beethoven were all pessimistic composers.


Would you consider Wellington or Blucher greater than Napoleon just because they defeated him at Waterloo? Likely would you consider Grant or Sherman Lee’s equal because in the end Lee’s side lost the American Civil War and their side won?



Nature cannot be commanded unless obeyed. Francis Bacon

There are no pessimists; there are only realists and liars. Paul Virillo


New friend

For the first time in my life I’ve a new friend. Having always been conscious of the difference between man and woman I never thought it possible to meet on the same plane. But it’s nice. It’s like cream on the wound of an old dog. MT


New York

It’s almost 2 months after the September 11th catastrophe. Here there are American flags all over. The people seem to feel that their existence or at least that their way of life is under attack. There are all sorts of signs, America love it or leave it and Bin Laden wanted dead or alive. The population seem to want to hide their confusion and pain in T-shirts and flags. Almost no one wants to talk about it. They’re probably tired. I’m arriving at the WTC stop. Knowing the truth gives me an icy feeling as if I can here the screams of 3,000 people from beyond their reality. I’ve pulled up in front of the CME and looking at the statue of liberty she seems tired and saying ‘I’m still here’. The Edward Moran bar and grill is closed and collecting dust. Buildings are gnarled as if a giant has taken a bite of them. The police are everywhere. It’s a war zone. I see the entrance to the towers. There’s a sign on the Embassy Suites stating that protective clothing is required to enter. It’s not open for business. I see no heroes, only men working and clowning going on with their lives. I’m proud to be an operational engineer, I’m proud to be a New York Police Officer, I’m proud to be a Fireman. No one is going to diminish the spirit of this country. Two months ago those proud police were the brunt of hatred.

There’s still dust in the air. The government’s not able to regulate it. A New York Police Department tow truck carries a decal ‘10,000 reward for anyone witnessing and testifying against anyone shooting at a New York City Policeman. This is not the homogenous society portrayed by the films, but some of the most dangerous streets in the world. Today it seems somehow different.

Mc Donald’s is doing a brisk business, fattening up tomorrow’s diabetes and heart disease victims. The faces of fallen heroes is on windows of stores. America justice bound. Did death create these heroes or life?

The further that you get from the scene the price of patriotism falls the flag prices are cut as you go on. Cabbies are hustling people in and out of the area.

Two miles away two taxi cab drivers are yelling and things are no different than they were 2 months before. I arrived at 345 Park. There are agents all over. The American king arrives here today with 125 other kings from all over the world. The clothing and things from the bums on the side of the church are being moved away for king Bush’ arrival. They’re being put into trucks with containers. The church is empty now other than 2 people openly talking to themselves. One talks every now and then the other is in a conversation and talks seemingly without taking a breath. She’s talking to Marianne, wherever she may be. The churches were full the days after the event. Now they’re back to normal, the dollar has again replaced the church as people are sorting out their lies. The important thing is that they’re secure in their perceptions. The truth to them is irrelevant. They just have to organize the lies into a semblance of sense. My cab driver is from Los Angeles. He tells me that he thinks that most of our politician’s faces should be on the wanted poster along with Bin Laden. He said that he lost a brother in Viet Nam. I get out to leave and he opens his door and exits. ” The big money make the politicians who dictate to the public their decisions. Hundred of thousands of poor or working class American sons died in Viet Nam so that the capitalist could today sell them Microsoft products and Pepsi”. I smile and contemplate this man’s extremism. I gaze back as his car enters traffic and can’t help wondering how many are out there who share his concerns.


North Carolina

Less than 10% of the southern states population were North Carolinians , but this state produced more than 20% of the south’s soldiers and 25% of southern deaths.


Northern lights-Lee

The Aurora Borealis quote from a Scottish poem rite before Lee died. There was a storm that flooded Virginia with 14 inches of rain in 36 hours. Then the northern lights were seen. The quote, fearful lights , that never beckon, save when heroes and kings die. Lee died the following day.



It makes no sense to stop at a red light at four in the morning when there is no one else at the intersection. It wastes, gas, pollutes and wastes time.


It’s not the calories. It’s the chemicals. pg


Old Age

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.   Chuck Fasso



Everywhere for all time government has strived to enslave its people with laws. Never has a government been so successful as in the United States.

-Ethan Tel Aviv


Our first day

Our first day we started writing the lines that we will read our last day.


Pain is the absence of love. Francesca


Pain and sadness

Pain and sadness are rivers that we must all pass. Sometimes you wade through them, other times you swim them, sometimes you build a bridge across them and sometimes you drown. pg


Parent’s duty

As parents it is our first duty to teach our children how to live without us. Dr. Feruccio Aloe’.



Passion without reason is blind. Reason without passion is dead. Espinoza

Caution thrown into the wind is the birth of passion. pg

Passion uncontrolled burns down the house where it is guest. pg

Pat g

I’d rather give a 1000 to someone who needs it than spend it on something that I don’t need. pg

Woman: Some men are nothing but male whores.

Pat: Everyone’s should do what he’s good at.

I fucked her with no rubber and no regrets.  gp

An Italian’s thoughts

You’re like a cool breeze on a scorching summer night. You love it while it’s here. You’d like to grab it and hold onto it. It’s a thought but you know that it’s impossible. So you learn to enjoy it’s presence and smile when it comes and not cry when it leaves knowing that it will come back.

You know that someday you’ll resign yourself to the inside of a temperate abode but that in the loneliness of a full room you’ll long for the breeze that represents the best part of you and smile at his careless summer ways.



Patience is the foundation of strength and is essential to live. Living is the realization of dreams. Patience is the cement that holds together the hope of realizing our dreams. pg


Patience in Business

Lemons are quickly apparent. Pearls take time.



Patriotism is the disliking of every country but your own. Voltaire.

The greatest danger to society is the suspension of critical thought. When we blindly defend our government we are being the least unpatriotic as defending untruths in the name of patriotism bring us closer to the demise of our country.



Inner peace is often not brought by achieving our desires but by lowering our desires to our achievements for if what you have seems insufficient for you then though you possess the world you’ll still be miserable. pg



Not all people get further away when they move on. pg

People are precious things carried in fragile containers. Saint Paul



When it comes to persuading. It is not important what you want but what the person you are trying to persuade wants…People seldom know what they want.



Thales [640-550] was an astronomer and the father of philosophy.

Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art.

Logic, the method of thinking and research.

Esthetics, the study of beauty.

Ethics, the study of ideal conduct.

Politics, the study of ideal organization.

Metaphysics, the study of ‘ultimate reality..

Philosophy was born roughly 600 BC. Prior to that we found answers in religion and superstition woven into a myth. In Greek a myth is a story about the gods that attempts to explain why life is as it is. Greek philosophers tried to disprove or at least deem mythology as not to be trusted. There are all sorts of mythology.

Philosophy is the study of the pieces that make the whole. We are but tiny pieces. Health means to live harmoniously within the whole.

Philosophy is not logic or learning, but accepting and understanding.

Philosopher Hegel was asked by a French man to state what he believed in one sentence he wrote 10 volumes. He was Germanic and a follower of Kant.

He once entered class with one shoe. He died in 1831 the same time as Beethoven and Goethe. This closed the end of Germany’s dominance of the arts.



Planning is avoiding harm and gaining advantage.



Do you believe as Plato that the soul yearns to fly home on the wings of love to the world of ideas and cut the chains of it’s earthly body? Plato

Every man that issues laws should do so to benefit the people that he rules and not his own interests.



It’s terrible to contemplate how few polititians have been hanged.

G.K. Chesterton

Politicians praise justice because they are cowards. They do not have the ability to rise amongst their peers so they fool the public by praising justice for their positions above the crowds. Plato

Politicians can’t rule their households or their wives so they rule the universe with bureaucracy and the masses indifference or ignorance as their weaponry.



If you don’t want to work for a living, Politics is as good a job as any – Congressman John. f. Kennedy.

It’s terrible to contemplate how few politicians have been hanged.

G.K. Chesterton



For me to let you down is about as possible as the waves rolling out to sea and never returning.



Poverty is the worse kind of violence but the cure is not for India to embrace the decadence and sadness of the west. Mahatma Ghandi



Absolute power is the power to corrupt the incorruptible.

No earthly power can break the will of a man whose heart is his master. Force cannot persuade them but only make hypocrites of them. Letter of a Huguenot

The power of those that control our societies create injustice and abusive authority. Authority is the consequence of the power that the creature possesses whether she be called a democracy or a dictatorship. It’s not how one rules or how a government rules collectively but the compassion and wisdom that the entity utilizes in dealing with it’s recipients, whether they be called citizens, serfs, subjects or voters. pg

Some people have loaded guns. Others have to dig. Clint Eastwood ‘The Good The Bad and The Ugly’



If there is no God no harm done, if there is job well done. Pascal



He’s the kind of person that says his prayers when no one is looking.

pg, spoken of Walter Hayhurst



If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. Harry Truman



And the princess cried. But I cannot reign without my crown.

And the heavens responded. And now you shall reign.



The problem is not chasing the dollar, it’s chasing the dollar and nothing else.

Ralf Ristau

Problems can be dealt with crisis are more difficult… Problems are normal. Neglecting a problem turns it into a crisis



Prisons are to protect a country’s population not to punish them.



Certain times life is similar to the voyage of an archers’ arrow which must move backward before it can be launched forward.

Giordano Mazzi

At the crossroads of progress there are a thousand men guarding the past.



He broke them easily and was always ready to make another.


Protecting My Watch

“I can’t have someone dying on my watch,” was the response given by Art Goldberg when asked when why he would not clear a dangerous, but successful trader. Art Goldberg



For as a man thinketh in his heart so he is.



The difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that one gives hugs and one gives drugs.

Laura from Philly



Isn’t the punishment of a vulgar soul the very vulgarity by which it lives?

Isn’t the punishment of a selfish soul it’s very existence?



Puppies have a fighting courageous heart. But when they attack a vicious adult dog they will perish.


Quality is only a word until it is joined by harmony, balance, good intention and passion,



Quickness is like thunder, it’s too late to cover your ears.


Some people spend their lives moving away from the clouds. But remember, not all clouds carry rain. Sometimes you just need to look up at the cloud and smile, stay put because the most beautiful sunshine is often born when the clouds move away. Other times the sun bursts though raining clouds and you have a rainbow. But if you move away from the raining clouds you’ll never see it. pg



If it won’t cause WW3 let’s talk about it. It can’t be all that bad. We should talk about everything because every event is part of a larger thing that we all have our part in. It’s important to know that everything is in the right place. Dick Olson Air Force retired officer.

Reasoning and eventually changing one’s mind is as natural as the snake shedding his skin. Those who cannot rationalize, call them naked and shameless, hypocrites.

Being rational is a matter of being appropriately responsive to reason.

Harry Frankfurt


Real Men in Blue

When the accused officer began his tale of innocence he was interupted by his sergeant. ‘Son, you have to be careful that the halo you have over your head doesn’t slip down and become a noose.’



Real reason

A person usually has at least two reasons for doing something, the reason he says and the real reason. J Pierpoint Morgan



Officer, before the halo slips down and becomes a noose, what really happened?

-Judge Clarence Bryant at 61st and Racine to a copper when I was at court as a youth.

We read that there have been 2 deaths and 3 wounded in Kosovo in the last 2 weeks with peace keeping troops and rebels. But how many murders were there in the past 2 weeks in any large American city? Maybe we should keep some of our troops at home. MT



By reasoning with imagination we transform our experiences into the molding of our future expectation. In this way we choose our path and unchain ourselves from the past. pg

Reason can be offset by feeling. Often millions believe something to be true even though it is false. Why then is it correct to trust reason and not our sense of feeling in determining the validity of a belief? Whether it be Christianity or atheism how certain are we that reason can answer or properly determine the existence of proof behind a concept? pg

When reason is against man it will soon turn him against reason. David Hume

Reason and thought are the wings and rudder of your soul. If your wings break you will fall to the ground and if your guiding tail falters you will glide aimlessly until you crash.



If a guy picks up the check for your dinner twice, don’t let him pick you up a third time. kev



Religion binds us to earthly rules. Spirituality frees us from earthly things. Pg

Religion is the guard rails of life. Spirituality is what sets your life free.  Pg

Organised religion is an antithesis of Christianity. Attending church and reciting scripture etc has little to do with a religious life. Soren Kierkegaard

The difference between a religious and a spiritual person is that a religious person fears hell. A spiritual person’s been there. Corky Perlstein

Do not judge a religion by it’s people. Judge it by it’s scripture. Read in a notebook in a Tampa chapel.


Remember me

Remember me as a man who helped the little guy, as a man who looked up to all things good in man no matter how insignificant others considered them. For this will have made me a man and I’ll have been a good father and companion and friend. pg



Responsibilities cannot be delegated.



Giving back is the real pay=back. Pg



Righteousness is advancing one’s scope in an honorable manner.



The falcon cannot carry it’s nest with him when he flies to the sun and down again to swoop his prey.



Rommel made a remark about the first day of the allied invasion at Normandy. The first day will be the longest. If it is lost the battle will be lost.

Rommel was the greatest German WWII general. Hitler allowed him to commit suicide on a list of possible complotters of Hitler’s assassination attempt.


Rotten people

Rotten people are like dogs in that, if they can’t eat something then they bury it.

John Doe



People fall into a routine because they fail to see the blessings that arrive with the dawn of each day.



The world is constantly changing. The leaders make rules because they have trouble with the chaos that the changes create in their minds. The rules then become our handcuffs.


Sadness’ only ready company is misery. It’s presence shortens life, lengthens discomfort and squeezes short the precious gifts such as friendship and joy.

Is the sadness of the masses more than the sadness of one man? Better, can the sadness of a man be more than all of the sadness of the world? Where do you hide an emotion? Where do you store sadness?



When a government uses the phrase, ‘For your safety’ it means that they’ve stolen another free choice from it’s people.



Scientists should be on tap but not on top.

Winston Churchill

The refinements of science are linked with the cruelty of the Stone Age.

Winston Churchill

Brilliant researchers have destroyed lots of good science projects. pg

If science answers all aren’t we in effect at the end of our road? With technology on one side and the greenhouse effect on the other could it be true that man’s thirst for knowledge is in effect his fall from grace?

Scientists according to many philosophers deal with the physical things but forget perception and understanding of these things. You have phenomenon and then the thing itself. pg



It’s amazing how well a man can keep a secret he is not told.

Winston Churchill


Seeing outside

The true talent of seeing things as they are from the outside come from what we are on the inside.



The self is fully realized in death.

-Carl Gustav Jung


Selfish people

It’s the individual who isn’t interested in his fellow man that has the greatest difficulty and provides the greatest harm to others. Alfred Adler Viennese psych.



For a bit of sausage a woman will sometimes marry a pig. Vito


Sexual Harassment

I worked for a man at work for about a year who sexually harassed me. He kept me after work to recount and recount the drawers… By myself I took care of him. I married him. We’re married for 15 years and have 3 beautiful children.

Kristen Daniel



We’re only as sick as our secrets. Book of Michael J Fox

There are more things in heaven and earth than dreamed by mortal man.



What a strange silence is that which surrounds a man and a woman when they are together.



Life was simpler when apples and blackberries were only fruits.

Friend of Paritosh



Sisyphus heaved a huge rock up a hill only to have it roll down again and again right before the top.



When a Swiss acquaintance told me that he liked skiing better than sex I gave him a hundred franc note. He asked me what it was for. I told him that it was for his ski pass. Now I’d like to meet your girlfriend.

Skiing is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

Pat palella



How high do you have to be to touch the sky? A child touches it from 3 feet. pg



Who is more a slave? One subservient to his beliefs or one who is a slave to his desires?


Small candle

If you walk into a pitch black room with a tiny candle, isn’t it amazing the light that it casts. The same is a good man amongst the masses. pg


Small Business

Dancing with elephants without getting trampled

Warren Buffet



Nobody needs a smile so much as those who have none left to give.

Majestic Glass Chicago

Your smile is your good will message.



Sometimes to be a friend to someone means becoming an enemy of society. Pg

When a society is slaved to seeking luxury and material goods it drifts ever farther from the wisdom that was undoubtedly at the roots of its invention. Pg

When man no longer controls his own destiny, he becomes a trapped mouse. Bob Herman



Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?

Certain things I’d rather do myself. Pat g

When a boy asked him how to gain wisdom he took him to the river. Submerged his head in the river and held him under. When he finally let the boys head go the boy gasped. Socrates said why did you gasp. I wanted air. When you want wisdom as much as you want air you’ll attain it.


Song bird

Marrying a woman for her beauty’s like eating a bird for his song.



If through my sorrow others could find joy, then my sorrow becomes pleasure.



The soul is often the battle field of reason and passion.

When two souls meet and are one distance and time are non consequential. When my soul is that of Napoleon or yours what can separate them? Aren’t they really the same. pg

Today’s society can try a man’s soul. Today when people value thrills and frills over liberty. The frills in fact become our chains. Is the acceptance or living within normalcy so important to us that it cost us our spiritual freedom?


Speed of light

186,000 miles a second



In the church you find the religious. In the bar you find spirits. Steve Haming



Religion binds us to earthly rules. Spirituality frees us from earthly things.  Pg

Religion is the guard rails of life. Spirituality is what sets your life free.  Pg


Spot on your suit

I can see the spots on your suit. The ones that you thought the dry cleaner removed. You walk so proudly. You’re so confident that no one can see them. You’re respectable and accomplished, worldly and wise. But I can see them and you’re a fool who’d be better off going around in a torn rag which more sincerely reflects who you are and what you believe and how you live.



A man is stoic when after the sudden death of his beloved child he can calmly say the phrase. ‘ My son has returned to from where he came’, and then go about with his life.

Choose not what you wish but wish what has happened to you.

I never lose anything. It is returned to it’s proper place whether it be a wife or property. Marcus Aurelius

First stoics Marcus Aurelius Epitectus



When entering battle in the war of life pick your ground, do not be trapped into fighting elsewhere, and defend it to your last breath.

A well mapped strategy can kill the enemy from 10,000 kilometers.

Strategy is to attack the plans not the enemy.

Know yourself and know your opponent… And you will know the outcome of the battle before it starts.  Tsun Zsu



Who’s stronger? Those who stay and fight or those who fight and leave?

By eliminating weaknesses, we become strong.

Strength in human beings is created by the control of passions and to channel this power into a creative force. (Rivers turned into electricity)

-Friedrich Nietsche



Character is built under stress and strain. So why do we try to shelter our children from it. pg



Donny Falco was dumb. To prove it, guys amused themselves by offering him a choice between a nickel and a quarter. I asked him why he always chose the nickel. He told me that if he chose the quarter no one would ask him to choose again.



When people chose their own goals their more likely to reach them.

It’s a natural fact that the more successful you are the bigger the challenges you have to deal with.

Success. Put as well under Security

The only real security in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience. Ability and integrity. Henry Ford

Success is guaranteed by a fluid integration of its parts. Pg