Pat Girondi and the Orphan’s Dream

He has received honors and awards including

Giffone Film Festival

Award from Giffone Film Festival for his music video, It’s Your Time

Featured in an Award Winning Italian film

Girondi’s music has been featured in the Award-winning Italian film Focaccia Blues

International Indie Artist of The Year

International Indie Artist of The Year Award for Orphan’s Journey as voted by the Indie Music Writer’s Association

Induction into the Accademia di Sicilia

Induction into the Accademia di Sicilia, Palermo, recognized for artistic and scientific contributions to humanity

Video of the Year

Award for Video of the Year, Italy for his song, Living Without You



Patrick girondi - Vocals

Enzo Matera - Guitar

Marco Abbattista - Bass

Nanni Teot - Trumpet

Michele Ciccimarra - Drums

Giuliano Scavetta - Keyboard

Giuseppe Lapiscopia - Sax

Mino Lionetti - Harmonica

Producer: Farelive


Music Press

“As you ride the bluesy waves of the music, Girondi’s vocals slide into your ears. With murmurs and calling out, he draws you into the story of someone suffering from an orphan disease. There is a wonderful storytelling vibe to the lyrics that paint a clear picture that is so easy to connect with.” —The Other Side Reviews

Photography by: Antonio Sansone


Check out some of Patrick’s writings – from novels, to quips and phrases.

Earrings on a pig

Giving money to an ignoramus is like putting earrings on a pig. The ignoramus understands the value of money about as much as the pig knows about earrings and in time the money will make the ignoramus look as ridiculous as
the earrings made the pig appear.

Isn’t money to be used for necessities and to help others in need?


When two souls meet and are one distance and time are non consequential. When my soul is that of Napoleon or yours what can separate them? Aren’t they really the same.

Bird in the hand

A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush and two bushes are better than 1 any day.


We are part of a fantastic thing which I don’t pretend to understand. This does not deny religion or the existence of God, but in fact is affirmation of a magical whole, of which we all, no matter how great, famous or indifferent, play part in its majesty.

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